se mettre a chanter (ipad songs 2)

by Carmen Loretta

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These songs were all created between October and February of 2014-2015. I go back and forth on what they mean to me, but I guess at their core they are about me learning to give in and let creativity lead. Letting go of control and seeing where I end up! I listened almost exclusively to Kate Bush, Oneohtrix Point Never, Bach, Ariel Pink, and Devo through this season, and I feel like it's pretty evident.


released July 21, 2015

all songs created and played and mixed and danced about to by me, iPad in one hand, singing into a headphone microphone, would you look at that! it's 4am again.



all rights reserved


Carmen Loretta Vancouver, British Columbia

even if it never leaves my living room, it's still music

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Track Name: Walking
that stranger just called me beautiful, call it a cat call, but i feel pretty.
it may have just been the sunlight on my face, but i feel pretty, yes, i feel pretty.

and it's better than I felt this morning
and its better than i felt when i closed the door
and it's better than i felt when i yelled out, "baby if you loved me you would tell me more!"
when all along i've been the one to turn and face the wall
so no, no, I won't reject your cat call.

that heron just slowed it's flight for me,
call it mother nature but he feels pretty. he may have just been following his prey, but he feels pretty, yes, he feels pretty.

and it's better than i felt this morning
and it's better than i felt when i missed that stair
and it's better than i felt when i yelled out, "baby if you loved me you would show me you cared!"
when all along i've been the one knee deep in dirt, so no, no, i won't reject you mother nature

oo, see that man up ahead? i think he's stepping right so you can avoid a puddle, oo, take it in stride, he's pushed you aside.
he's out for the one, you're out for yourself, you're out for the one, he's out for himself.
Track Name: Light
let me sing you a song of light, let me sing it to you now

just when it seems like everything is washed up, sun comes pouring in through red curtains.
on the tv watch another volcano erupt, i'm dancing in the light of red curtains
singing in the light of red curtains
stretchin in the light of red curtains

weathered hands, wedding bands, ooh light
nervous laughter, knowing glances, ooh light
brighten up my morning, move across my evening walls
light the power that you're holding, i'm responding to the call
light, light, light, light,

i've watched those documentaries and read the books, sun comes pouring in through the windshield.
heavy on my heart and eyelids our earth being shook, i'm squinting in the light of the windshield
learning through the light of the windshield
giving in to the light of the windshield
Track Name: Listening to Johann
isn't it always bach who will save the day?
he seems to play upon my spine each vertebrae, tenuto.
don't mind me if i miss some of what you say, there is beauty in each cadence, mm, legato

not usually one for escape but these grocery aisles are glamorous, you said you'd put on the breaks and i fill my cart with chocolate.
i know it's awful bad taste, to leave in the middle of a game, but i couldn't stand the rules.

i'm listening to johann, i'm listening to bach, he dedicated his life's work to god and it's all that i've got.

call it a fight, call it a fugue but whats important is the melody rang true, you think i'm slowing you down, but no one ever died from a little rubato, i know it's awful bad taste to leave you hanging (open 7th with a dissonant ring) call me Bela Bartok!

some other composers tried to do the same, but the well tempered clavier calls my name
Track Name: Technology Catastrophe
she said i really hate her, i said why don't you kill her?
she did not bat an eyelash, she said i'll just unfriend her
she said i really hate him, i said why don't you kill him?
she said, i couldn't kill him
I GOT HIM! i'm sorry, i'm playing this game

you and i lean in for a kiss but our lips won't touch, it says you're typing but you ain't saying much
we'd call on the phone but we found the connection to real
you won the level, but there is no victory in defeating all these little birds

i'll be on the other side,
awake while you're asleep
i'll be on the other side
oh you're soul to keep

she said i really want it, i said can you afford it
i knew, just as well as she, none of us has any money
she said i promise to pay you back, of course she wasn't talking to me, she was making some final plea, to an automated credit machine

see what you've done to me, i've lost all my senses
the neighbours won't smile at me, is this what you could call progression
Track Name: Cold Case
missing woman missing man, can you hear me calling? i'll take my search in the wood don't know if i should
it's been 6 years since the paper ran the story missing face, i've the interest and the query, solving your cold case

marco polo
what can be found goes round and round

they ran off into that bog together, leaving no evidence, not a trace, no one expected their misadventure, actually fantastic escape

ten tabs open in my browser, searching every status post, i'll give everything to find you, locating your ghost.
interest lies in fascination, i too long to disappear, something here is suffocating, something very near.

breaking down past mr. lowrys farm, ten minutes outside of town. i am a barn cat out in the sun, nobody is around
Track Name: Netscape Navigator
i’m driving into a fog of white, my driver will decipher wrong from right, i’ve given up on intuition, trusting my senses just never made sense.
ink to the paper, i sign my will, my lawyer not much older than your brother, still, i get a good feeling when you look over and give me the nod.

(you seem to say)

it’s all okay sarah, we’ve got the wheel
it’s all okay sarah, we know how you feel
it’s all okay sarah, we’ve got good news
here’s 15 quick ways to cure your blues

the money, the wealth, it kept me young, i bought my success i was underneath the thumb of all things synthetic, i’m closing the curtains taking my valium.
i’ve scheduled my exit, master planned by the corporation in which we stand, oh i’ve made all the necessary appointments, i’m calling the services to cancel my phone

(and when i’m frightened you say)
Track Name: Little Mind
there is a woman who lives within the walls of my apartment (tucked between the drywall in with the insulation)
when my head hits the pillow, i can hear her crying (or was that over time in dream department, or was that cedar beams creaking)
i can feel her scurrying around in the wall behind my bed (left and right what a fright running around)

i’ve got a feeling she’s sharing my secrets, little does she know i’m smart to her game
i went and told everyone all of my regrets, and now nobody will look at me the same

there is a portrait of mona lisa on the wall beside the window (no matter where i sit she’s always looking, the woman is a fascination)
she is asking to come with me, but i tell her she must stay on the wall (sun or rain its your pain the wall is your domain she’s staring me down with a face so plain)
i make plans to take her down, turn her around and let her look outside